I have been tattooing professionally since 2005, I never imagined I would ever be a tattoo artist until I got a little push from my wonderful husband who believed in my talent. I have always been drawn to art and since studying art in school, I knew that was my passion. After leaving school, I got commissioned to do portrait work in pencil, hence the fact that I love any realism tattooing work both in grey wash and colour. Whilst living in England I got more involved in painting and had a few gallery exhibitions that really gave me the drive to do something with my art. I was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to buy Scorpion Tattoo in 2008, and have not looked back since. I feel like the luckiest person to be able to do what I love every day of my life and with the support of my family and having the best team on board, I feel we have created something great!!!


My tattoo career began in 1998, after meeting a tattooist Wayne Winnett who offered to teach me. As soon as I picked up a tattoo machine I knew this was for me and I didn’t want to do anything else. To be able to create art on people is very rewarding. In early 2011 I joined Nicky and the Scorpion team, my time spent here has been awesome and the artwork that comes out of this Studio is very inspiring. I enjoy all styles of tattooing as I realize every tattoo is special to the person getting it. What I enjoy most about this artform is that it is always evolving, therefore I am always learning. The support I have had from my family and friends is great, making me want to better myself in all aspects of tattooing.


I’ve been an artist since I was young, trying my hand in many different forms of art! Graffiti Art being one of the big influences in my life. I thought it was time to expand my creativity and started tattooing in 2013 by doing an apprenticeship at another studio and even had the chance of tattooing for a short while in Germany. I joined Nicky and the Scorpion team in early 2016 and I look forward to expanding my creativity and artistic skills with the help of my colleagues and look forward to my future here at Scorpion.


For as long as I can remember, drawing has always been a passion of mine; I studied art and graphic design and always pushed myself to develop my own style. I spent 7 years in the beauty industry and after watching my boss (Nicky) tattoo my partner, something just clicked and I knew that that was my dream career. I approached Nicky about starting an apprenticeship and after showing her my portfolio, she saw my potential and was willing to bring me under her wing and mentor me and I started my apprenticeship in February 2016. I am currently learning all styles of tattooing but my aim is to specialise in bold bright colour and watercolour pieces.


Since being around the Tattoo industry for most of my life and getting to watch many amazing artists, I have always wanted to become a Tattoo Artist and get to work alongside other insanely talented artists. I was lucky enough to get the opportunity from my incredible boss and mentor, Nicky, to officially start my apprenticeship in January 2017. I am currently learning and progressing with my artwork and tattoos under her wing and couldn’t be more grateful to finally be able to do what I love. My goal is to be able to do any and every style of tattooing so I can give all of my clients a tattoo they will be happy with for the rest of their lives and continue to grow as an artist and a person in general.